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Kindsbach mapped for OSM

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During the last few month I mapped Kindsbach (small village near Kaiserslautern, Germany) for the OpenStreetMap project. Before I started, the map contained only the railway line (without station) and the country road passing through the village. Within three weekends totaling into about 8 hours of walking or cycling, I mapped basically all residential roads in Kindsbach.

Creating a map for OSM consists of two steps. First, real-world data must be collected. This data consists of both GPS coordinates and additional information such as street names, important traffic attributes (one-ways, speed limits, …), or other useful information (play grounds, parking lots, restaurants, …). Second, this data gets imported into OSM e.g. using JOSM. This (potentially time consuming) step is required to smooth the scattered GPS points and to integrate the additional information.

The additional information may be collected by making photos of relevant objects (such as traffic signs), as based on the photo’s EXIF time stamp the actual position can be determined later. Alternatively, voice recorders may be used to memorize street names. My favorite method is paper&pen. Below is a scan of a drawing of the south-west part of Kindsbach, which I created while walking through the streets:

Kindsbach (sketch)

After a few days, changes and additions made in JOSM were rendered on the OpenStreetMap website. Eventually, the map of Kindsbach looked as follows:

South-west of Kindsbach, Screenshot from OSM

South-west of Kindsbach, Screenshot from OSM

Mapping streets for OSM is a nice hobby. Besides of supporting the project, it is a good reason to switch off your computer and to get some fresh air… 😉

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December 29, 2008 at 17:30

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Vor 11 Jahren, 2 Monaten und 12 Tagen habe ich mein Studium an einer UniversitÀt begonnen. Nach meinem Diplom an der TU Darmstadt habe ich eine Promotion hier in Kaiserslautern begonnen, die jetzt (fast) abgeschlossen ist. Heute war die öffentliche Aussprache (Verteidigung) meiner Arbeit.
Vortrag Dissertation

Anschließend gab es einen kleinen Sektempfang. Höhepunkt war die Überreichung des “Doktorhuts”:
In Talar mit Doktorhut

Ich möchte allen meinen Freunden und Kollegen danken, die mich durch die guten und schwierigen Zeiten meiner Dissertation begleitet haben.

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December 12, 2008 at 21:56

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